0 Days Without A Dad Joke Shirt

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isn’t it pure hypocrisy to organize the AO in the middle of the bushfire? It’s a shame that people are dying, losing everything, animals are dying, and then players ask for sympathy because they cannot breathe the 0 Days Without A Dad Joke Shirt air quality. Seriously?? seems to me your angst should be directed toward the people who decided to put it on in spite of everything, not the players. “not being able to breathe” is something that should engender sympathy….regardless of who you are. It’s all about the money; TV, sponsorship, etc. You don’t hear many players canceling but you apparently hear them spluttering. What about the poor firefighters who are doing it in hellish conditions for lots less money?

0 Days Without A Dad Joke Shirt

0 Days Without A Dad Joke Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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my angst is directed toward the whole concept of the AO in these circumstances. Organizers, players, audience, everybody who participates in any way in the AO, while firefighters are on the field(s), people are fleeing while losing everything they worked even their whole life feeling sorry for the players “Skipping” the AO could have negative consequences on their 0 Days Without A Dad Joke Shirt careers. Most of them aren’t big-money players. The people I’m disgusted with are the organizers who moved ahead to pad their own pockets despite the risks.

Andrea Hajas This isn’t a spur of the moment tennis game. It’s in Australia this time EVERY year. The World Tennis Open calendar is set 10 YEARS in advance. No one thought to ask if there 0 Days Without A Dad Joke Shirt would be a fire in Australia this year ;p One good breeze and it clears up in an hour.. air quality is measured every couple of hours. Considering what the country is suffering, very few are complaining. But they’re always a few. Roz Ettridge it was set in the calendar, and the bushfire is on for weeks, so it’s not rocket science to cancel it. That one good breeze is missing for weeks now, not for a couple of hours…


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