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Kamala Harris was carrying a book called the Democrat Bible of Unrelenting Victimhood. And she followed this bible step by step and word for word. He tried to tell her sorry your city council didn’t work out that bus issues. Wasn’t a federal problem then and still is a city issue. Busing issues every day around the 06 Lebron Jame Is Back Shirt country but you gotta start with your own city and state to resolve it. He personally wasn’t responsible for her bussing come on now don’t attack him on that lady Andrew Bromm and what was she doing in those seats on the bus? Sure, let’s talk about her history

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I remember when Biden ran against some guy nobody ever heard of with the weird name ‘Obama”. Biden, speaking in obvious admiration of the 06 Lebron Jame Is Back Shirt guy referred to him as “clean”. Many prominent members of the black community were in an uproar, notably Al Sharpton. Biden seemed to take him by surprise when he said he would be happy to meet him anytime, anywhere. After lunch at Sylvia’s, where Biden went over his civil rights record, Sharpton came out singing his praises. Oh yeah, Obama also picked him as his running mate.

Wonda Brantley – don’t know where you got your information but you were lied to. Don’t believe everything you hear or are told. Andrew Bromm, yup, Biden is long in the tooth, and it showed last night. He fumbled around more than a teenager in the 06 Lebron Jame Is Back Shirt backseat of his parent’s car on prom night. unimpressed Barbara D Clipper you do know that Democrats throughout our trash(KKK), but some reason the Republicans took it to their party. Andrew Bromm, She knows he’s not racist, this particular issue hit home for her. I get it. I was also told by my neighbor she couldn’t play with me because I’m black. They both moved on from it by now.

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    Extremely impressed, excellent service will use them again for sure!

  2. 5 out of 5

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    T-Shirt came quickly and as advertised although I did think it was a bit on the smaller size but that could have been my fault. Love the t-shirt! Will order again.

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    Well what can I say.service brilliant quality of product wonderful.I’m very very happy and look forward to the possibility of more product’s

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    Too long of a wait from the time you order. I get it that they are made to order, but, c’mon… 7 days?!

  5. 5 out of 5

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    I love Myfrogtee products. I’ve gotten quite a few from different campaigns over the years & their quality is always top notch.

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