2pac Shakur 1971 1996 Shirt

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Rest in heaven pac.we share the same bd.I’ll celebrate your too.” all day”.I keep it CD in my ride.rih! Somebody’s math is a little off. He would’ve been 44. But enough of that. Happy birthday to one of the greatest and still is one of the greatest of this time!!! will forever be remembered♡ His music will never get old to me! wish He was still making music because the 2pac Shakur 1971 1996 Shirt music out now ain’t hitting on. Pac is a legend & you can understand every bit of his music and actually made since Happy Birthday Tupac Happy Birthday to the greatest political rappers who ever touch a mic of all times Tupac Shakur

2pac Shakur 1971 1996 Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

tank top



He revealed and talked about the things everybody of power wanted to hide that’s why he was murdered just as Malcolm X Martin L King and a host of other Black Men when they get to screaming the truth about the 2pac Shakur 1971 1996 Shirt unsaid they are eliminated What bandwagon are u referring to exactly. Pac been that dude and will always be because his music was poetry. been bumping his music since digital underground. Outlawz till it’s over Like Pac said living in this white man world is the hell he wasn’t lying a look at some of these comments

Do you have to be dead to change the game in hip-hop? Pac seemed happy trying to please two masters, and that was towards the 2pac Shakur 1971 1996 Shirt end of his life. Seemed to have basked in that thug life persona!! Straddling does not make you a game changer!!! I’m a huge fan of Pac but I get the feeling that this movie may try to paint him as more of a hero than he really was. He’s one of my favorite people ever but let’s be real, he did some good but he was no saint.


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