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Sean Mee you’re wasting your time trying to have a sensible conversation here. Never have I read so many misinformed comments I am actually appalled by the lack of learning from the South. I hope they  5 Layer Tacos Shirt manage if independence comes to fruition. Norm Jones If the people of Shetland want to remain part of the UK should it not be their choice? Likewise, if the people of Shetland want to become part of Norway should it not be their decision? That is the point of self-determination, is it not? Mike Hobday Stay or leave is the choice of the people of Scotland. I have no preference. My only belief is they should have the right to choose. Especially now as there is a significant change of circumstances. In normal circumstances, I see the reasoning behind limiting a referendum to say every ten years.

5 Layer Tacos Shirt

5 Layer Tacos Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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Phil Randall, they voted because at the 5 Layer Tacos Shirt time Brexit was not on the cards and by leaving the UK Scotland would be out of the EU and that is precisely the point of why they want another say. I would have thought that was an unquestionable fact by now. Ginny Sawers Gray wanted to stay in the UK on the basis that the UK was a part of the EU. That no longer applies, so I believe there should be a second independence referendum. Things have drastically changed since the last one.

Liam Stevens definitely not clearly there 5 Layer Tacos Shirt are some good arguments, unfortunately, many posts are just plain racist and ill-informed or do you have trouble accepting that? Except they haven’t. Nothing suggests Scotland has changed its view and the only argument they have is Brexit, yet the votes for the SNP hasn’t seen any major shift


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