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It was a massive thing back in your day. All kids in school had a Panini football cards Its all people did at the weekend because there was no social media, kids outside playing. Why did you not join them outside?, Why did you not push your phys ed teacher to allow you to take part in the school team? Maybe if you had tried a little harder, You could have been the face that changed the ABCD Pre K Rocks shirt perceptions of women’s football in the 80/90’s, Just maybe… Tony Lee Pellington Don’t forget the commercials. There is a minute of commercials for every minute of play

ABCD Pre K Rocks shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top


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They should only play a league of their own. They don’t play football, they play soccer It does explain the triumphs of winning 4 world cups when 2/3 of the Worlds players play in one country. I think it shows the ABCD Pre K Rocks shirt work we need to do in England to promote the sport because the structure is very strong albeit subsisted by the male game as audiences average at about 1000 a game. And that’s where the real money is… if only half of them play club ball at a modest fee of $3,000 per year that’s over $150 billion. Nothing last forever. Fifa will one day devise a plan to stop them once rating begins to drop.

Sam the men generate 6 billion the women generate 131 million. The men generate 4480% more revenue. Simple economics when your Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t flared up so hard. Use some Vagisil on that thing you’ll be fine. David Barbieri, They make more than the men do. The ABCD Pre K Rocks shirt men players get 7 percent of men’s football earnings revenue, the women get 23 percent of women’s football earnings revenue. David Barbieri Except it was a warm-up scrimmage they intended to lose. It made the kids feel good. Get a life.

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    You have a very unique designs of garments and I like your custom made garments idea.

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    Very quickly delivered really impressed well done

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    Excellent item, received quickly, one very happy customer!

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    Speedy prompt delivery, good quality and good fit. Have had one problem in the past which was dealt with quickly and professionally very satisfied.

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    I got my shirts much earlier than before. They came less than 10 days.

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