Aliens gave my cat a beard shirt

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I personally think it started with “Yesterday and Today” followed by Rubber Soul and finally Revolver. Laid groundwork. Just me though. It’s the White Album Paul said when someone tried to criticize the double album and he is more than able to defend anything The Beatles made Now take The Aliens gave my cat a beard shirt Beatles individual picture and put it on white vinyl! Now that would be sharp looking and amazing in every way that’s for sure! I had to pry the `78 Reissue from a guy at a yarNigel Baker Totally disagree. It has never received anywhere near the praise that SP has.

Aliens gave my cat a beard shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

Tank top



Pepper has one extraordinary song and a bunch of ordinary songs that do not match up well against Revolver or even Rubber Soul. The Aliens gave my cat a beard shirt White Album certainly has its share of junk but it also has loads of gems that do not get anywhere near the airplay of SP.d sale and I’m thankful for that! It’s one of my prized possessions! Nigel Baker Fixing A Hole, Lovely Rita, Getting Better groundbreaking and beautiful? Hardly. Compare those with 3 on Revolver: Eleanor Rigby, Here There Everywhere, Good Day Sunshine: which of those are worse than anything on Pepper? Plus you have 3 Harisongs on Revolver, ALL of which are better than his 5-minute curry shop drone on Pepper.

Everyone should read “Here, There and Everywhere” by Geoff Emerick. He was their sound engineer. You’ll come away with a completely different outlook Have it already the box set and CD and album. Revolution was not on the Aliens gave my cat a beard shirt white album. It was a single flip side of Hey Jude. Now Revolution 1 and 9 were on the White Album folks. A shame not guilty and whats the new mary jane wasn’t crammed in there somewhere worse songs were left on. Also, savoy truffle is rapidly shooting up my list of faves since this amazing remix


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