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The Earth is wider around the equator than the poles but not enough to see with your eyes. It looks slightly egg-shaped here because DISCOVR is not at the American Airlines Idk Idc Idgaf Shirt L1 point between Earth-Sun, instead, it orbits around it in a kind of figure 8 pattern called a Lissajous. It must be at an easterly extreme of its orbit when this was taken, as a bit of the morning terminator is showing on both Earth and Moon. I apologize for the bad resolution in my animation here, it went from 720p to crap. But, here you can see the different field of views. First a normal human vision, then the EPIC cam, 0.61 deg.

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each whatever. Field of view describes the amount of subject area, not size. Even if you were behind the moon, and zoomed in, the perceived size of the American Airlines Idk Idc Idgaf Shirt earth would NEVER be so dramatically different. The earth as shown in Apollo pics should be MUCH larger. Matthias, I have no issue with THIS picture, as I understand what you’re saying. I say this picture brings the photos of the earth FROM THE MOON into question. If the earth looks this large from BEHIND the moon, how come the earth looks so small FROM the moon?

because they used Hasselblad C500EL cameras with 80mm or possibly a 250mm lens – a film camera with no better a lens than on an average point-and-shoot digital camera today. no zoom, nothing. its a camera lens about 2 inches in diameter, maybe 5 inches long for the American Airlines Idk Idc Idgaf Shirt bigger 250mm lens. try taking a picture of the moon with something like that, and you’ll get nothing more than a very small dot. And if you put the modern digital camera on an apollo flight, and took photos going back, you’d also get exactly the same small speck as the Hasselblad cameras did.

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    I bought three shirts and was happy with all three transactions.

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    Excellent quality product and communication regarding purchase was 1st class

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    I was really happy with the product and quick delivery

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    Excellent product …delivered on time and as ordered….will definitely use Moteefe again.

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    Size okay not sure if it was supposed to have bitty print on letters or just a fault

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