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submitted this episode “The Long Night” for the 2019 Emmy nomination in the category Outstanding Musical Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score). If Ramin wins a second Emmy for GoT, it will be this track that gets him there. I hope he gets it. With all the controversy going around about the last episode, we can at least all agree that Ramin Djawadi did everything right and made one of the American Flag If You Don’t Like It Leave Shirt epic Soundtracks any show has ever seen. I love how Night King has been portrayed in this music. Music isn’t full-on dramatic or invoke terror, rather shows a haunting beauty, sadness, brokenness, and surge of strong emotions.

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This is what Night King is, someone bitter, cold, who had his humanity forced away from him, now bent on cold revenge. You can see (hear)how Ramin is painting the character. unlucky that all those attributes have not been embodied by the night king, because bran himself approved that he is just the American Flag If You Don’t Like It Leave Shirt pure darkness with a flat aim; killing every living being his post had more character development than what d&d gave us in 4 seasons. ..
The depth they could’ve gone but instead, they make the n.k to be flat and pointless

Bran’s soul is in the night king’s body, and the three-eyed raven AKA blood raven, the bastard Targaryen sent to the American Flag If You Don’t Like It Leave Shirt wall is in Bran’s body. Bran/NK is seeking revenge on humanity for taking away his innocence and breaking his body, and on Bloodraven for attempting to destroy his soul because his own body was becoming too old and frail. After 8 seasons, the best death goes to Theon in my opinion. First I despised him, then hated him, pitied him, loved him, and finally suffered him. The Night King’s forces should have been so brutal and effective that it should have caused all of Dany’s armies to retreat to King’s Landing.


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