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Combining three images taken about 30 seconds apart as the moon moves produce a slight but noticeable camera artifact on the right side of the American Flag Gun Gift For Jeep Shirt moon. Because the moon has moved in relation to the Earth between the time the first (red) and last (green) exposures were made, a thin green offset appears on the right side of the moon when the three exposures are combined. This natural lunar movement also produces a slight red and blue offset on the left side of the moon in these unaltered images it’s because of the ratios between the intrinsic brightness of the stars versus the earth. Like staring at a very bright light than trying to see something in a dark room.

American Flag Gun Gift For Jeep Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

Tank top



Seen this same effect on earth with panchromatic/MSI couplets when pan-sharpened where there are moving vehicles. The delay between the two images results in a black and white vehicle with its respective colors offset close by. The clouds are moving. But with the American Flag Gun Gift For Jeep Shirt earth being 12,000 km across or so it’s far too big to see any discernible change. It would take a day or two to see the difference. I work for NASA supporting the space station program. And while I’m super bummed about this change, I can assure you there are very legitimate reasons and it’s not simply lack planning or lack of suits. Bodies change once they are in space;

things fit differently than you might have expected even after testing on the ground; the torso of the spacesuit is not flexible and cannot be stretched or shrunk. And sending someone out on a spacewalk in a suit that does not fit them well enough can be hazardous to their health and safety. Sarah Graybeal Ruiz, wouldn’t they have learned all this with men? Didn’t they know to test for this in the American Flag Gun Gift For Jeep Shirt simulation? I realize there’s probably more to this but – I don’t know. As usual, this headline stinks.


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