American flag Quarantined Shirt

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The vast vast majority of construction workers are self-employed. They face a choice of taking the risk and going to work or getting £0 to feed their American flag Quarantined Shirt families the government have told us to stay home unless absolutely necessary, unless you are a key worker or saving lives you should be at home! employers need to start being responsible in this difficult time. i work in an insurance company in a call centre and they are reopening today after closing for 1 day! we are not key workers and we are not frontline staff at this difficult time.

American flag Quarantined Shirt

American flag Quarantined Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top




i have chosen to stay home following government advice as my job isn’t important to the covid-19 outbreak and i am having to take it unpaid as American flag Quarantined Shirt i have no symptoms yet i am helping in stopping the spread or putting myself or my family at risk! offices also need to be told to close or fined because sitting in an office without the 2 meter distance and no windows that can be opened is not following government rules!

What about those working on new hospital projects and health facility extension. Do not judge all in the industry the same. We are manufacturing for a construction company building a hospital to ease the situation under government instryction My American flag Quarantined Shirt  husband’s work finnally closed yesturday but only for a week and then they expect them back, if not no pay, works in a factory over 400 people, cant be 2 metres apart. Said they will pay them for this week but if the government pays them the 80% then my husband and everyone else owes this weeks wages back. Its non essential work. Never knew how heartless and Discusting this factory actually is. What are workers supposed to do with this? Basically being blackmailed by the bosses.


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