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Laurie Daeberick Dettloff, There is no ‘’bias’’ keeping people from watching women’s sports. Women’s sports is mostly boring compared to men’s. They just do not draw a large enough viewing audience compared to men’s sports. I love the PC brigade exercising their right to be insulted on behalf of everyone. The Awesome American Flag Trump 2020 shirt undeniable fact is that there is more than an element of truth in what she said. Those who would deny her the right to say it should take a good look at the tabs to wonder if you belong in a truly democratic country. Janet Law her speech represented me and the 52 percent that voted leave amazing speech powerfully and passionate

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The speech sounded quite good from a rhetorical point of view and it might have impressed, she just shouldn’t have used the Awesome American Flag Trump 2020 shirt colonies comparison, a bit of an embarrassment and frankly audacious considering the UK’s own colonial past he is neither brave nor speaking for us all. She is indeed very capable of getting her views across but her views are bigoted and without sensibility and I and many other people do not need her voicing them on our behalf. Gill BeechwasPethers shut up and remember how this country was actually built. Use your brain woman

Gill BeechwasPethers her being the one who had women prisoners in labor chained to their beds. What’s the matter with people in this country they’ve completely lost the plot to support this rabble of a cult. Gill BeechwasPethers are you serious or am I missing the sarcasm, as somebody who has lived in the Awesome American Flag Trump 2020 shirt SW for 40 plus years this creature does not represent me. Complete disgrace, bet she takes the money though Sadly it is not an honor for us to be represented by such a person as Ann Widdecombe. So ashamed of her and this appalling speech!

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    The tee shirts offer inspiring or funny but true statements. They arrived quickly and I always get wonderful comments on them.

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    I bought three shirts and was happy with all three transactions.

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    I love my t-shirts and Myfrogtee. I have never been disappointed.

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    The t-shirt fits well, but Im generally a medium and ordered a mens size L. So sizing a tad on the small side. Arrived very quicky and Im very happy with it.

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    I am really pleased with my t-shirt. Fits me perfectly. Ordering was easy and quick delivery.

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