Baby Groot Hug Frog Shirt

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Shahani Lodivic I’m not judging her nor her work, just giving my opinion about 3kg make-up on someone’s face, U need to take care of your face, it is not a painting and you are not Van Gogh Karim- you are not really a happy person! If you were, you would not be here, judging other people, comparing themselves to yourself. That’s a sign of inferiority complex, and you seem to suffer quite a lot from it  Yasmine Ajabbad funny thing about opinions is it’s one’s right to have one. Justin William that you can’t even be bothered Baby Groot Hug Frog Shirt to use the correct pronouns for a typical man when taking about Nikkie, totally invalidates your entire argument the she is still male. I personally can’t stand a ton of makeup.

Baby Groot Hug Frog Shirt

Baby Groot Hug Frog Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

Tank top



It looks like cake frosting and portrays a false image of who one really is. Be Iulian Pastor ain’t it strange when archeologists dig up human remains it’s either male or female and not any of the  Baby Groot Hug Frog Shirtother made-up genders…but hey what do these people of science know. Bodies who are born male but take hormones before puberty starts, will not grow to be male, and won’t be recognized as such, but female. According to scientists today. Same men who feel the need adding “No homo” when finding another man handsome or stylish.

Women who find another woman attractive or elegant, don’t feel the Baby Groot Hug Frog Shirt need to add “No homo” I enjoy these stories if for no other reason than to watch the comments of people that it has no effect on go into complete meltdown. How do people even identify as what they have never known? How do you know what it feels like to be a woman if you’ve never been one to begin with. No amount of guessing or theories about being a woman counts as an argument.


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