Baby Pooh and baby Scooby Doo friends shirt

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Paul Harrison, good on you, your entitled to your opinion and people can differ if they like but at least you have chosen a Beatles classic album You know in the Baby Pooh and baby Scooby Doo friends shirt context of the timing, and what creative juices were at work this album for all its diversity along with any of the albums mentioned could easily be their best album! When I was younger, so much younger than today, I didn’t need anybody’s help in any way… OK If only ONE SONG from the White Album to have on that desert island… And Martha My Dear…I Should Have Known Better…

Baby Pooh and baby Scooby Doo friends shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top




Norwegian Wood… Sgt Pepper was NOT the first ‘Groundbreaking’ Album of The Beatles. They all were, in their times! They are… Eternity? Peter & Gordon / In the Land of Odin. If you are a full-year in Austria- you will get a history book from the city of Vienna. But I say: You should get the White Album from the Baby Pooh and baby Scooby Doo friends shirt Beatles – belongs in every household
Greetings from Vienna Yes I got it. it’s fantastic. I lost it 20 years ago and I bought it again on February 19,- I do love it … and young people like it as well The most ‘significant’ double album of all time!

..and I only bought my first vinyl copy of The White Album last year, it had been about 40yrs ago at some party when I first heard it I knew a couple of songs back then but dismissed most of the album as The Baby Pooh and baby Scooby Doo friends shirt Beatles worst stuff, wow I’m so glad I re-discovered them again, point is its never too late, So many great songs like, while my guitar, happiness is a warm gun, glass onion, rocky raccoon, don’t pass me by,blackbird, back in the USSR, sexy Sadie, dear prudence, everybody got something to hide except for me and my monkey, helter-skelter, Julia,….White album…



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