Baby Yoda and Amon Amarth shirt

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Phil Dodds, u can’t see the differences between lying and making sure something is done by yourself, yet? Somebody calls you a killer and you gonna accept it right away in case you don’t know all the stories? Some day you pull the Baby Yoda and Amon Amarth shirt circuit breaker and someone dies of electric shock in the neighbors, surely you would accept the crime immediately w/o knowing the reason? It’s so hard for people, even now, to simply admit that the US did something wrong and maybe didn’t handle it correctly at the time. Pretty sure that, unlike Iran,

Baby Yoda and Amon Amarth shirt

Baby Yoda and Amon Amarth shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top


Tank top


the USA didn’t clear this flight for take-off and also didn’t authorize its flight plan – before shooting it down and pretending it was a mistake made by a lone man in a missile battery some Ilma Bentot – uncle sam should carry some of the Baby Yoda and Amon Amarth shirt likely culpability, but the actions were taken by someone/body else. And it is they that are responsible. Ilma Bentot US did take responsibility immediately after. Even though the plane veered out of the Commercial flight path and didn’t answer 10 calls on the radio, the US paid out 61 million to the families.

Let’s see what pays these families, you of little knowledge and hate stirring Another democrat trying to minimize the damage to the Iran government of terrorists. What are you trying to do? Keep the Ayatolla from feeling the heat by accusing the Baby Yoda and Amon Amarth shirt US of wrongdoing? It is so funny to read all the weak cry babies defending Iran. Alistair Kirk have you read comments on Facebook related to all the things you mentioned in your rant. Some people in the USA do the same things lol. No one is defending that country. Trump supporters look at a comment
You all have forgotten that Iran has one of the worst human rights records in history.



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