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Andrea Hajas I don’t have asthma but the air quality is so poor that I experienced trouble breathing walking from the car to the cinema. Strenuous exercise in these conditions is very dangerous and there will be more problems to come. Andrea Hajas to be fair, that’s their job and it’s not their fault that someone put them on the air. I feel just as bad for a construction worker even if they Baby Yoda Hug Lawyer Shirt aren’t put on tv. The entire situation sucks, and you  Singh i know, but there will be massive amounts of people and animals with permanent lung damage from these fires. To deliberately subject players to this smoke is greedy and irresponsible. Firefighters, unfortunately, have very high rates of heart disease and cancer from smoke inhalation.

Baby Yoda Hug Lawyer Shirt

Baby Yoda Hug Lawyer Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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Australia is a big country. Parts of it are completely fine. We don’t want people to stop visiting us because then everyone will hurt from the loss of tourism, not just the Baby Yoda Hug Lawyer Shirt places that are actually bushfire-affected. Yes, the air quality is an issue right now in Melbourne and I think they should have postponed today’s matches. No, the tennis players should not be helping us fight fires. A lot of them have already donated money or have pledged their winnings or $200 for every ace this summer etc, plus the exhibition fundraiser match. Also, the tennis courts where the AO is held are NOT going to burn down.

The Government has advised the Baby Yoda Hug Lawyer Shirt locals to stay inside due to the air pollution, you would have thought the organizers of the tennis would have taken the hint and canceled it! On BBC Five live this morning they said it was ‘not a good look’ for the tournament. Of course, it’s bloody not. Absolutely awful journalism.  I’ve been vacationing Down Under for 3 weeks now, and yes there’s been some heartbreaking stories but the entire country is not an inferno. I have traveled most of Queensland and some NSW, and have seen no fires.


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