Baby Yoda and Ping Pong Shirt


Baby Yoda and Ping Pong Shirt

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ran taking responsibility for downing the plane is the Baby Yoda and Ping Pong Shirt  start of the healing process for the victims and their families, the USA should take responsibility for downing flight 655 in which 290 passengers perished The Iranian Airliner flight 655 had flown into a war zone with US and Iranian warships having been involved in a series of battles throughout the day and in fact, a skirmish had taken place just prior to the commercial airliners departure and in the vicinity of its course

Baby Yoda and Ping Pong Shirt

Baby Yoda and Ping Pong Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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For reasons that have never to this day been explained by the Iranian government flight 655 had its transponder turned off or was possibly transmitting in military frequencies, making the plane impossible to identify, other Baby Yoda and Ping Pong Shirt than basic course and heading, what little data the Vincennes could process suggested it was an F-14 Tomcat. The investigation by the US Navy would later speculate this may have been an attempt by the

Iranian military to test whether or not a US Navy ship would fire on an unidentified approaching aircraft, had the Vincennes not fired than the Baby Yoda and Ping Pong Shirt Iranians may have intended to modify an existing commercial airliner with explosives for a kamikaze run since everything else they had tried had failed and their military was getting pummeled by the US. On the other hand if the plane was intercepted, it would provide a wealth of propaganda for Iran finally the US Government accepted full responsibility but not blame in a carefully worded statement, offering full restitution to the families, however the Iranian Government refused the offer and instead spent quite a bit of its own money producing several propaganda films that have capitalized on this tragedy. Families would later file individual cases with the US Government and reach undisclosed settlements.


2020 Coloring Shirts

2020 Coloring Shirts: Shop trending shirt in the USA


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