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Andrea Cartwright doesn’t see anywhere that Janet claimed to speak for you! As I totally agree with her she is entitled to use the Bat-signal Joker The Scream shirt word ‘us’. So take your angry thingy and shove it! Regan Gilfillan really. honestly comparing to slavery, no way I don’t think many right-minded people would agree. Wrong minded well that another matter. Janet Law I totally agree with you, it is disgusting and misleading, we have never been slaves to Europe. And, that’s a terrible comparison to make Gary Edgar I’m afraid no one knows what the remainder of the 66m would have voted because the couldn’t get off their backsides, therefore, anyone cares.

Bat-signal Joker The Scream shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top


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I love the PC brigade exercising their right to be insulted on behalf of everyone. The undeniable fact is that there is more than an element of truth in what she said. Those who would deny her the Bat-signal Joker The Scream shirt right to say it should take a good look at the tabs to wonder if you belong in a truly democratic country. Soozi Fantastic Look in the Mirror for haters and abusive unhinged loonies then look at the rest of your kind You all invented Hate and being abusive to anyone who holds a different opinion to your Pan calling Kettle you’re good at that too you can dish it but you Snowflakes can’t take it !! Tough learn to live with it others have too

Those things she speaks about have never existed in my country nor in the EU, which is doing its best to keep the Bat-signal Joker The Scream shirtBat-signal Joker The Scream shirt values of Western civilization and peace in Europe.
If my English is lacking I can repeat this in some other official EU language, such as Finnish or in Swedish. Keiji Winter Her reputation goes before her Haddow Mark is absolutely right, just read her right-wing conservative record Is fighting for a cause that will weaken the UK economy and the UK influence in Europe and the world standing up for Britain?


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