The Bern Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt

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Rashid Rashid The people who don’t know 1984 Sikh riot 1992 riot and 2002 Gujarat riot he can see Delhi now…this is a new version of 1984 attack in Delhi that time Sikh and this time Muslim and they have a long history of Dalit and shudra  why India is already insanely overpopulated with 1.3 billion people, I get they’re being persecuted but India and China are at the The Bern Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt point where they need to limit their population levels not expand them

The Bern Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt

The Bern Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top


Tank top


Brian Cutshall so.. there The Bern Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt  is that. The Muslim population is rapidly growing. The government is proposing population control bill, that encourages only 2 kids. Hindus support the law and again Muslims oppose the law because they want to have more kids. It’s the Muslims causing the problem. They didn’t leave India in 47 and now creating problems within

ts not even religious riots it’s government supported mobs attacking the protesters. A country like India where the degree certificate of the The Bern Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt prime minister not available but common man needs to produce the documents of his great grandfather. Previous President’s family,ex-army members, and many more becoming stateless overnight .The world happy to watch Trump show while all this happening. Kurian Mannicherry Totally wrong perception and thinking also spreading the wrong idea. Just think in your mind that if you go to see a movie you have to have a tickets or booking.


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