Bernie Sanders Master of Reality Shirt

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Patrick Cassidy Thank you, Patrick, I sort of felt, they are simply attacking me without any base, prove or alternative. So, I thought, they are not worth my time. Thank you for telling them “what time it is”. Trump only Bernie Sanders Master of Reality Shirt asked for fairness toward Americans in International trades, China, Japan, Saudis are some of his personal friends, but, easily he separated it when it came to his country’s national interest. Amazing, and I am so proud of him for ALL that he has done with ALL the roadblocks it was created for him within the country….” enemy within” I call those clowns.

Bernie Sanders Master of Reality Shirt

Bernie Sanders Master of Reality Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top


Tank top


May God protect him, his health, his resting time are so little and in between. I asked a DemocRAT the other day, who are you voting for? He said none of them, I do not like any of them…Imagine that…but they are ALL untied to be against Pres Trump Chris Stork says the TDS infected hater with the hate-filled, primarily anti Bernie Sanders Master of Reality Shirt trump FB profile… too bad hate is such a big part of your existence… maybe you getting some professional mental health care is in order  Trump is the biggest hater of all. He can’t have a conversation with degrading someone. Is he the role model you want for your children and grandchildren?

So you are just speaking of the TDS infected group? Not the entire country, when you say, us… that’s ok… you speak for the haters and that’s where you should stay… with the haters… that’s you… not us. Peter Wilson, Bernie Sanders Master of Reality Shirt I’ve been to other countries. Everyone wants to come to the USA. They even flirt with an old lady like me. Marry an American and live happily ever after. They only ones that dont like us are jealous. And all the countries we protect, love Trump.


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