Betty’20 White Stay Golden America Shirt

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Marcia Colsmith No one said other Betty’20 White Stay Golden America Shirt countries like President Trump. We do not seek affection, we seek to respect and other countries respect the President. David Strait just curious, have you ever been to a socialist country? Have you even talked to a Canadian about their healthcare system, 48% tax, fuel prices etc, how about Italy, France. Patrick Cassidy Europeans, Orientals, Australian, South American…panty wearing liberals????. I interface with well-traveled folks from these places on a daily basis and it is virtually unanimous that Trump is a disaster as a President. The real world is far different from that portrayed by Fox News.

Betty’20 White Stay Golden America Shirt

Betty’20 White Stay Golden America Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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Betty’20 White Stay Golden America Shirt

The actions of other countries, the trade agreements, unilateral NK sanctions, new alliances, NATO paying up; all say that your friend’s opinions are meaningless. Feelings are not facts. There is no evidence of any type of disaster here in America. More feelings. Carolina Gomez That blimp in Europe is just liberals having a typical hissy fit, like your comment, while their leaders did what Trump TOLD them to do. Actions by other leaders define the Trump foreign policy. And they Betty’20 White Stay Golden America Shirt are aligning with the US in every instance. Trade deals, new alliances, NK sanctions and Iran putting their tail between their legs are just a few examples. Your premise is based on emotion only.

You live in that wonderful state of California your opinion sir does not count you can’t even vote it right in your own state  David Strait It sounds like you are the one on crack. You don’t know facts about anything. America is more respected under President Trump than obama. I guess one country would rather have Obama or crazy Bernie and that is Iran. They Betty’20 White Stay Golden America Shirt  might think crazy Bernie will send them another planeload of cash to help kill Americans.


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