Big Bald Wall Brad Guzan Shirt

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Barbara Baker so you would vote for democrats who blastpheme God’s word? You would vote for who murders millions of the unborn a will murder the born infants?? Who believe in gay marriage , who believe in changing Big Bald Wall Brad Guzan Shirt genders of our children on a societies say so? The separation of church and state? The redistribution of taxpayers money? Ect… Do you even read the bible? Do you remember David? President Trump is not perfect but he is surely doing God’s will! And remember every knee will bow to the king of kings and the Lord of Lords!

Big Bald Wall Brad Guzan Shirt

Big Bald Wall Brad Guzan Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

Tank top



Yogi Kuddha do know the Lord? Do you know how God uses people to do his will? Do you know Solomon and David? What what you suggest? Voting for a democrat? If so then you surely do Big Bald Wall Brad Guzan Shirt not know God! Laurie Wade You really should get to know a Democrate because what you are describing is not correct. Can you tell us what the 10 Commandments are? We will wait but think about each one as you list them and ask yourself if you obey them.

Barbara Baker We as Christians have the responsibility to fight against all things that do not line up with the Word of God. One of the biggest problem now days is most Christians do not speak up Big Bald Wall Brad Guzan Shirt by voting for the ones that supports God’s laws. Not all Presidents were respectful. Look at what Obama did to our country. He and the Democratic party are the ones who caused more hated, bitterness and anger within our own country. President Trump is the opposite. He supports God’s laws.


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