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Read the source information. Astronomical photos are not taken with an iPhone 6. “EPIC’s “natural color” images of Earth are generated by combining three separate monochrome exposures taken by the camera in quick succession. EPIC takes a series of 10 images using different narrowband spectral filters — from ultraviolet to near-infrared — to produce a variety of science products. The The Braves Walking Road signature Shirt red, green and blue channel images are used in these color images.  Chromatic aberration isn’t dependent on distance. It’s a function of wavelength, lens glass, and lens power. It only looks fake because you’re used to movies. The reality is far simpler and more beautiful.

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Combining three images taken about 30 seconds apart as the moon moves produce a slight but noticeable camera artifact on the right side of the The Braves Walking Road signature Shirt moon. Because the moon has moved in relation to the Earth between the time the first (red) and last (green) exposures were made, a thin green offset appears on the right side of the moon when the three exposures are combined. This natural lunar movement also produces a slight red and blue offset on the left side of the moon in these unaltered images.”Subsequent ill-education lead to the phrase being misunderstood as a visual rather than a signal thing. There IS a Dark Side of the moon as far as radio contact from Earth is concerned.

The Earth bulges at the equator due to its rotation. It looks a bit like a beach ball you squish between your hands. You may not see this effect in the The Braves Walking Road signature Shirt picture… because if you look closely, the far right edge of the Earth is still in a bit of shadow. Looks like the sun is behind the observation point and to the left.  Dark Side Of The Moon” referred, originally, to the Radio Darkness experienced by the Apollo missions when the moon was between them and the Earth. Due to the Line Of Sight operation of Radio Signals, it was not possible to communicate with the astronauts.

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    I ordered the shirt, not Beth. She will receive as a gift, though.

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    I love my t-shirts and Myfrogtee. I have never been disappointed.

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    I like my top it’s nice and comfortable

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