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There will be no United Nations peacekeepers roaming the streets of Hong Kong so it seems this domestic issue can only be resolved politically. Getting a good education is import in life so, children, be good to yourself and stay in school. Peaceful protest is welcomed, just don’t follow the insurgents destroying subway stations, seizing the airport, and police stations. That’s guerilla warfare, not democracy The reality is the UN is impotent, the people of Hong Kong don’t have the Buffalo Bill’s EST.1991 shirt 2nd Amendment so they are entirely defenseless. The only hope they have is the economic repercussions from the world if they go in for the kill.

Buffalo Bill’s EST.1991 shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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It will be a district of Shenzhen City eventually, most of the under middle-class households will be on the relocation process migrated to rest of China… They have done these millions of times. Graham Smith because freedom is arbitrary: what does it mean to be free? Instead, let’s focus on the facts, Hong Kong is part of China, a resident from Hong Kong killed someone in another country and because of the Buffalo Bill’s EST.1991 shirt One China, Two Systems someone basically got away with murder, therefore a new extradition law would be required, but conspiracy theorist equated extradition with martial law.

Adnan Ali we Chinese wouldn’t even bother to protest as we know we have zero chance of winning. The Chinese government already laid their cards on the Buffalo Bill’s EST.1991 shirt table, you have no chance of winning either. Don’t waste your future gambling on a losing cause. You’ve already lost Hong Kong in 1997. Shirley Jiao, you live in a democracy and want the kids in hong kong to give up and live on their knees all their life? YOU have tasted the freedom of Australia but deny others the chance. Shame on you!


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