Bulldog Husband Jack skellington and Sally shirt

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The country is about to go into recession you idiot he fixed nothing just made everything wor Sir, history makes us know that America is a country founded by immigrants. They had no legal documents to prove citizenship when they met the original inhabitants. In the Bulldog Husband Jack skellington and Sally shirt United States, we do a similar thing where we watch children being gunned down on a daily basis and do nothing to reduce the chances of it happening again. Brian Jacobson good point. When Republicans has full control of the presidency, the house, the Senate, and the supreme court, they did absolutely nothing to take meaningful steps to reduce abortion rates in America. Disgraceful!

Bulldog Husband Jack skellington and Sally shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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Frank Douglas, we also abort them. I got your back and wanted to squeeze that little bit in there for you. I’m sure you just ran out of characters to type that tidbit. Humans are tribal. Even as we are in a technologically advanced world throwback to our ancient past allow us to justify atrocities like this for religious and politically social reasons. If we are to evolve we need to find a way above such things. Will Campbell, more like the  Bulldog Husband Jack skellington and Sally shirt Democrat gods that rule over the many Democrat-led major cities of America. Plenty of mass shootings there within the inner cities. Side note, a mass murder only requires 4 or more people be murdered. That happens all the time in cities like Baltimore, Chicago, and D.C. where the citizens get left behind; they are


And one more thing the media doesn’t report Fact: October 2008: Firearms are used over 80 times more often to protect lives than are used to take lives. Analysis of FBI crime statistics: Police have an 11% error rate in shooting the Bulldog Husband Jack skellington and Sally shirt wrong people, armed citizens have a 3% error rate. Again, firearms have on average saved 80 times more lives than lives lost by gunshot. Scenario: A shooter starts firing in a crowded place where you are. Who do you think would stop him fastest? A law-abiding citizen with a permit to carry a gun? Or the police who are several minutes away. How many people are shot in mere minutes?



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