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Push hype much like the new new left does. Socialism is implementation of a planned economy and elimination of property rights. Social programs aren’t “socialism.” Senator BS doesn’t want social programs, he wants socialism. He’s said so for Cincinnati Strength Shirt forty years. He didn’t simply one make a mistake, recognize his error, and correct it. It’s his job to know the difference. He’s been in politics several decades. He’s self identified as a socialist from the beginning. And it isn’t some error in his youth. He still identifies as a socialist, even as he approaches 80. Maybe you can see through to *maybe* Sanders has some responsibility in his being labeled a socialist?

Cincinnati Strength Shirt

Cincinnati Strength Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

Tank top



Social programs ARE socialism when they’re publicly subsidized. Here’s a list of countries that practice socialism to varying degrees: Canada, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Which one has eliminated property Cincinnati Strength Shirt rights and private ownership of the business? Which one doesn’t have large, profitable corporations? Which one is going through a catastrophic economic collapse? Even the US has socialism in very limited forms. Think public schools, Social Security and Medicare. The world won’t end if we expand and strengthen publicly subsidized social programs, as other wealthy countri

Michelle Lollock It hasn’t been 40 years since he tacked the word “democratic” on the front of it to make it sound more palatable. Previous to Cincinnati Strength Shirt that rhetorical modification, he was heaping praise on the likes of Fidel Castro, the Soviet Union, bread lines, etc. Then, he decided to pull off the fiction that Scandinavia is some kind of socialist and a new generation bought into it.



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