Class of 2020 Quarantine Shirt

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If you have been told to go in to work ask ur boss if the companies insurance is still valid. Plus companies have a duty of care and if they can’t supply that with the new social distances time to draft in the lawyers. people need money to live on not everyone Class of 2020 Quarantine Shirt has saving also by the time the government sort out everyone’s money they want could be months and months people will fall on hard times then know a governmemt spokesman said on BBC yesterday it was ok to go out in your car for a drive so you can go for a walk…isnt that what causes the problems like last weekend…then another spokesman comes on telling us to stay at home

Class of 2020 Quarantine Shirt

Class of 2020 Quarantine Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top




The prime minister needs to close everything down and have a proper lockdown. I know people are not going to like it but would you rather be dead ? The virus is being spread we have deaths everyday and the vulnerable are being put at even Class of 2020 Quarantine Shirt greater risk. Time to pull our belts in, if people did this in WW2 for years then so can we ! Jesus why are people so stupid ? Stay Agree this is awful, but I’ve saw plenty of construction workers yesterday hanging around close together having a chat… if they can’t distance whilst working that’s one thing that the govt can fix by stopping construction work, but if they’re also ignoring the rules themselves when they’re not, then that’s another issue entirely


My place of work is still operating, factory type business. I’m a delivery driver for them. Although my hours have reduced drastically I’m still driving the streets and Class of 2020 Quarantine Shirt dropping off at private homes, construction sites etc. We make and delivery windows/glass. Non essential business…. BUT I cannot afford to live off SSP so I’m stuck I couldn’t claim anyway cause I’m not sick


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