Class Of 2020 Quarantined Official T-Shirt

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This is why self employed people need 80% of their pay too. These people are self employed and need to pay their bills and put food on the table. They don’t want to be in work but are left with no choice. Is not their fault! Self employed was left in the shadows Class Of 2020 Quarantined Official T-Shirt without any financial protection. They pay also taxes, weekly, they should have money to put food on the table for their families. They should be allowed to stay at home with payment in place like all others!  No Unfortunately it’s more of a decision of money than safety they want to try and keep the economy going in anyway they can and we the the

Class Of 2020 Quarantined Official T-Shirt

Class Of 2020 Quarantined Official T-Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top




Underpinning this utter madness is no financial support for the self- employed! These workers don’t want to risk their lives but they have no Class Of 2020 Quarantined Official T-Shirt other option! Battersea power station under construction will shut down for 48 hours what do they think going to be done in that time.. Don’t know the full amount of workers but thinks its in the thousands.

If it possible the workers on larger sites should divide in two groups and work one week on one week off, not ideal for all but how else do you distance Class Of 2020 Quarantined Official T-Shirt yourself in certain types of work? Surely every business that is not on the key workers list should be closed now so the only people commuting should be those classed as essential workers If they can work in solitude and get there without piling on to a train then carry on, at least until the self employed wage situation is evened up.


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