David Rose Wild Aloof Rebel Shirt

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Michael James Developed nations stand with America. They are not going to risk their alliance because of twits as leaders. And those twits do what they are TOLD. They have no choice. Chris Stork We are ‘brainwashed imbeciles’ eh? That voter outreach strategy worked well in 2016 and you ‘smart’ Democrats are reprising the same mistakes. So smart. Add in racism and Russia Russia and the David Rose Wild Aloof Rebel Shirt  message is the exact same negative snooze as 2016 and you LOST in 2016. It is not a winning message. Thank you for being you. Fool.

David Rose Wild Aloof Rebel Shirt

David Rose Wild Aloof Rebel Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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Michael James You are th David Rose Wild Aloof Rebel Shirt  hater. Read your own comments. Insults and TDS. Everything you said is being said by other ‘progressives.’ You people are just boring. Kenneth Medd Don’t be sorry, unlike you we rely on actual alliances and actions by foreign countries, not the feelings of butthurt progressives, to judge our foreign policy. Kenneth Medd And I repeat the European countries are doing what Trump told them to. That is evidence, your anecdotes and ‘interfaces’ are meaningless. Tell us one country that crossed America without consequences. Tell us one ally that has backed away or rejected an alliance. Do that or shut up.

Dani Marino l do not know how many times you have been to India or how many Indian nationals have worked for you, but l can say that Indians hold things American in the David Rose Wild Aloof Rebel Shirt highest esteem. This turnout is in recognition of an American president visiting their country. lt is probable that a Joe Biden visit would produce the same turnout. l recommend that you look past this very conservative newspaper for a balanced reporting on this event. For your information this posting is being writte in Malaysia which has a very high Indian *population. As a profession expatriate l am not a flaming liberal and having lived and worked in 8 countties; l think l have a pretty firm grasp of “what’s really happrning”.


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