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Dave Ronan – when are you going to grow up and realize it doesn’t matter how much money you have or how many hours you work, anyone can suffer from depression and have mental health issues. I don’t particularly care about Justin Bieber and don’t know any of his music, but I’m not gonna be bitter and jealous like you and try and mock someone who has mental health issues Well give me some sympathy I’ve nearly crashed on at least 3 occasions because he came on the Dog Paws White Claws shirt radio while I’m driving but I’ve never turned to drugs it could have been more but focus on the road other times I had to rely on family to be my response

Dog Paws White Claws shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

tank top



From a child to full-blown superstar I can only imagine how overwhelming it must have been. You had to grow up fast and probably at times. You didn’t have the best people around you. Fortunately, you have survived and are on your way to living a healthy life making healthy decisions. Good for buddy boy. Stay healthy and straight. Life is good. Family and true friends are all you’ll ever need It’s still not late for him, he is young and energetic could easily recover all the Dog Paws White Claws shirt losses in his image back by extraordinary performances and stand on his promises, keep it up man you are still Bieber

Good on him too be honest ,but as most young men go thru this at some point, its just a lot more intense for those in the spotlight ,The media is designed to build the Dog Paws White Claws shirt people up and just love it when it spirals out downwards, most famous people should have this taught them just so they are aware, could help a lot of those out . Sentence changed from “driving under the influence” to “driving without due care?” The American judicial system is a joke. And you complained about Sweden not bending for fame and wealth. Imagine most other young men your age and your “problems,” but without money, prestige, and people who care, other than family and an occasional girlfriend. The latter will survive stronger.


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