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Man, they really are trying to spin the story for their own agenda. Read the actual story and you will know the kid did start off normal vaping e-cigs but switched to black-market THC(weed) vapes from off the street. THAT is what is causing people to get sick. They are buying from unregulated businesses and they aren’t even the nicotine ones that most Americans use. There’s no reason to ban e-cigs. In comparison to cigarettes, which is the Don’t tread on Trump Gadsden Flag shirt direct competition for e-cigs, I would say that we all could agree they are healthier. Looking at what chemicals go in each, e-cigs theoretically should, and I believe are,

Don’t tread on Trump Gadsden Flag shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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to be extremely less harmful than cigarettes and yet here we are trying to ban those but continue the Don’t tread on Trump Gadsden Flag shirt sale of cigarettes when we know those cause a multitude of health problems. Pick your battles I guess…but this hype over banning seems rather fishy as to Jesika Petruck ok I didn’t say they were perfect. You are picking and choosing what you want to argue about. My argument is if we going to ban something, give me good reasons and if we are going to ban one thing for one reason, why not ban another thing for those same reasons. Just trying to use logic in this situation I guess.

Yasir Siddiqui yes exactly. I agree they are trying to fear monger and bully. When e-cigs are bought from reputable companies they are less harmful than an actual cigarette. But when you tamper with vape pens to get a higher heating coil and buy from someone off the Don’t tread on Trump Gadsden Flag shirt streets that is when you run into problems. ow, maybe when you end up in the er with issues related to the e-cig you might be like hey maybe they were right. I’m in Michigan and I smoke cigs.


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