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Damian Threadgill Kawhi got the last laugh. Do you still think Rob P. Is a comic analyst? He was right on the money! Definitely not a bandwagoner, a real analyst! Kurt Golembrosky That’s hockey. We’re talking a whole different fan base. Hide or report this An Dee Your team died and the Raptors killed them on the Elton John Rocket Man Playing Piano Shirt court that 2 of your best players won’t be playing till the fall of 2020. Sad! A Dee Here’s the excuses. The beginning of this you have so much confidence with your team, you even predicted a sweep. What happened? A Dee does not matter. He gave us the championship and dethroned the Dynasty.

Elton John Rocket Man Playing Piano Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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A Dee Raptors sacrifice their bodies as well, but they stepped up like a team for their brothers and the staff made sure they took care of their prize possession. GSW was so desperate in game 5 that they cleared KD when he’s not ready. Then CT in game 6. For what? Hopes for a 3-peat? For a loss in game 6 and now you have 2 key players that won’t be playing next season and probably won’t be the Elton John Rocket Man Playing Piano Shirt same. Ridiculous ego trip. Christine Saludares It’s not ego. It’s pride. It is not easy to get to play in NBA final a chance to win a championship.

A Dee Maybe Rob Parker should run for President. He seems more capable and has more logic than what you currently have. He was the Elton John Rocket Man Playing Piano Shirt only one who did any kind of analysis on the panel. One of them even said Rob Parker’s analysis makes sense except for his conclusion, which is Raps at 6. Because they are so close-minded. Eat crow haters! A Dee Take it up with GSW management and medical for pressuring and clearing them to play. Kawhi me a river!

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    Excellent product …delivered on time and as ordered….will definitely use Moteefe again.

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    I was really happy with the product and quick delivery

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    Product, a ‘ resistance is futile’ sweat shirt, is of good quality and arrived well within the promised time.

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    Great service got an email once it was shipped.

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    Very impressed with the item I purchased. Also happy with the delivery time.

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