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Lynda Clarke until paramedics can take blood tests, carry a mobile CAT scanner, mobile Xray, mobile ultrasound, mobile MRI scanner in all ambulances and diagnose the patient on the spot, with full backing of a Doctor, only then will I leave the patient on scene. Until then I will continue to take the patients to a hospital. Because I dont want to be sued and struck off by the G500 5 3 oz Hot Shirt medical board. Lynda Clarke Absolutely..its the way society has gone..where there blame there a claim.

G500 5 3 oz Hot Shirt


G500 5 3 oz Hot Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top



Tank top

I think the general public have latched onto “just in case”..when a lot of people have never even tried the alternative paths before rocking up to A&E… In one way prevention is better than cure..the opposite side of the coin..is that in some circumstances the G500 5 3 oz Hot Shirt general public and not medically trained will jump in panic into A&E..just in case.  Robert Lavington There’s only so much you can do..you have to make critical decisions..you’ve done the training, governance safeguarding, etc, etc..and probably know which way the accusing finger gets pointed.

But the public don’t think esp if they’ve panicked and anxiety is kicking in they’re going to jump in..thinking their doing the right thing…Christina Lowe agreed, it’s the G500 5 3 oz Hot Shirt same problem here, and all over the western world. People dont go to their local GP for chronic symptoms. They rather call for an ambulance. I’m just a paramedic, what am I supposed to do?? I cant prescribe medication and I cant refer patients to see a specialist. Only a GP can do that. And with an aging population and age-related diseases, this problem is set to get worse.


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