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Millions of us voted for you, and we had loved you, but now we have lost ALL respect for you for speaking against our President Trump who puts America and its people first, and not our enemies as Obama did. It is hard to believe that for 8 long years you condoned and never said a word of the George W Busch Sunset shirt treasons and crimes Obama and Hillary committed, but you have turned against President Trump who is working so hard trying to restore our country from the cliff of destruction Obama had taken it! Very sad indeed! Janice Jordan I think Laura Bush was a good first lady too. It was so nice of her to pay Mrs. Trump, our first lady such a nice compliment the other day. I agree with Laura Bush Mrs. Trump is doing a great job!!!

George W Busch Sunset shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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Rick Anderau so is there a requirement for Bush to support Trump? Do you idiots forget that Trump burned every bridge with everyone on his way to the nomination? Trump will be perp walked out of the WH before 2020. He’s never been a Conservative, let alone a Republican. He will be the reason that the George W Busch Sunset shirt Dems take back the WH. Sad… The Bushes sold out to the dark side. May God have mercy on your souls.

Sondra Nichols Cloud you really should Google Trump’s accomplishments. He has done a lot… Most news stations don’t report them..they don’t want people to know but the George W Busch Sunset shirt show them on Fox News .. Donna Fallis It is best if everyone speaks for themselves, but sometimes one can speak for many…not “EVERYONE” as that would be impossible, but it’s okay to have a spokesperson that shares a similar point of view! I just about had enough patience with liberals. They are stupid, they are irrational, they crazy


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