Giuliani Trump William Barr Goodfellas Shirt

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His gods are just as plausible as any other god, and in some ways relate more to his own heritage. He has also adapted the beliefs to the

modern world and doesn’t actually intend to rape, murder and pilage. Unlike recent so-called religious people in Syria. So I wish him well Some humans need a relationship that is greater than simple acquaintance or familiarity. The need to belong is the need to give and receive attention to and from higher power, be it God, Budhha etc.

Giuliani Trump William Barr Goodfellas Shirt

Giuliani Trump William Barr Goodfellas Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

Tank top



Belonging is a strong and inevitable feeling that exists in human nature, a sense of belonging to fulfil emptiness. f only as a means of keeping fit, it is a form of martial art. Anyway, Scandinavia occupies a large part of our DNA so why wouldn’t we identify. Would you be criticizing them if they practiced Kendo? Probably not. If you need a spiritual crutch in your life, the Norse gods are just as valid, more so in a lot of cases because they Giuliani Trump William Barr Goodfellas Shirt predate most of the other ones, as any of the others. It’s not really even

Norse gods per se. Before conversion the Giuliani Trump William Barr Goodfellas Shirt Anglo Saxons worshipped the same ancient Germanic gods, which stem from an even older Indo European pantheon, so to speak. The fact that the Norse religion has been hijacked by neo-nazis and other assorted racists is a source of shame for anyone with a real understanding of the tenets and history behind the religion. I love this. Before monotheism spread across the West like a cancer, people had their own cultures to celebrate. Monotheism demands submission and fealty to a singular entity instead of appreciation of culture and acceptance of other ways of thinking.


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