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Too sprawlingly executed, not helped by the Gremlin doppelganger (face anyway!) Kaiju above – kept willing Godzilla to try some ‘bright lights’ on him. Still, love the ‘restoring the balance of nature’ theme of this and the Godzilla Kamehameha Dr Strange shirt previous movie – which was far better. No thanks! I’m still trying to erase the last Godzilla (2014) out of my memory. The 1998 movie was accepted however it was 45 minutes too long.. Karl Humphries 1998, the commercial failure that killed it’s own cinematic universe before it even started and became the laughing stock of the franchise? The 2014 Godzilla was a reboot of the original one… This has 11 minutes of screen time… The original one 5

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If u what? To see all the action in the first movie? That’s. This new one has another director and has more action But it’s practically like watching a Superman film, except it is about an ordinary man with a laser pointer near his eyes, mints in his mouth, a t-shirt with an S… then in the end, “Superman” briefly flies through the Godzilla Kamehameha Dr Strange shirt sky by using a plane & then gets killed by normal police firing normal bullets in his face. Or how about Spiderman, except the main character is a normal non-superhuman house-climbing robber with a red shirt with a spider printed on it, then he fights a black-shirted robber named “Venom”.

That’s how ridiculous the 1998 film is. The movie you watched is practically a big middle finger to the franchise, no offense, just so you know. Nick Rey The Godzilla Kamehameha Dr Strange shirt only “Godzilla” in 1998 was the title. Within the film itself, we don’t get a glimpse of Godzilla even for a single second. All we see is a mutated iguana & its babies. Karl Humphries 2014 was an homage to 54 in the slow build AND gave us protector Godzilla. The human element was lacking (except for Cranston). Is it perfect? No. Is it true to a Godzilla movie? Yes.


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