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Eli Rosenberg no because that would be a positive activity. That would be making them attractive. I know people will take offense to that because that is the Halloween A Witch Her Dog I Her Jeep Shirt world we live in today. This is awesome! (As for all the haters here: must be sad and bitter lives you all live with such ugly hearts. I hope you find as much joy and fulfillment as the artists in the video found someday.) We heard a special choir one day and a young man had written a really funny and poignant song about his lifelong desire to drive a car and the reason it would never happen called ‘Too many chromosomes to drive’. Talented.

Halloween A Witch Her Dog I Her Jeep Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top


tank top


Kathy Evans Did you know there are some with Down Syndrome that has gotten their drivers license? No limits! I have a problem with the makeup “artist” on some of these performers. I mean, the Halloween A Witch Her Dog I Her Jeep Shirt one with the drawn-on beard for example, with mixed matched eyebrows smeared on. I would go see them in a heartbeat! I love that this creative outlet is available. Those with negative comments are truly Why? They just playing to be “divas”. They dress up, sing and dance. Drag it’s not like being transgender and there’s nothing bad with neither of those things. It doesn’t hurt anybody.

Rocio Molina, I’m not saying that. I’m talking about the Halloween A Witch Her Dog I Her Jeep Shirt sentence “I think people with Down syndrome have an extra chromosome that brings them extra talent,”. The only negative comments anyone should have here should be about the lipstick. Let’s get these queens some and contouring or something!!! They deserve to be as fabulous as they can be!! Michael Douglas exactly! It’s like the people posting here don’t know “cast the first stone” or “between you and him alone”!

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    Brilliant product delivered promptly thank you

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    Great service got an email once it was shipped.

  3. 5 out of 5

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    Easy ordering and payment. Product arrived well before scheduled date. Thank you.

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    Haven’t received my T-shirt yet but thought it very, very funny and professionally made.

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    I really love the concept and uniqueness of the design. The quality of the shirt is also very comfortable.

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