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Sometimes even I can’t make it and my Harry Potter Otter shirt still go, which is cool to think properly about it since without me or the other Swedish guy, we wouldn’t all be close friends like that. My group lost a friend we played 7 Days to Die and Rainbow Six Siege with two years ago to sudden heart failure.

Harry Potter Otter shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Harry Potter Otter ladies tee

Ladies tee

Harry Potter Otter youth tee

Youth tee

The guy was young and in shape so it was a surprise to everyone (not a Harry Potter Otter shirt user either). We found out because he had an IRL friend that also played with us from time to time. It was really weird. Two nights prior we were laughing.

Harry Potter Otter hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Harry Potter Otter sweater


Harry Potter Otter hoodie


I made a Harry Potter Otter shirt sign that said “FUCK OFF” over our house in 7 Days and lit it up, and then I get on after work and join my friends’ usual Playstation Network party and they’re like “hey man, ‘X’ is dead”. I saw the obituary and everything to the next day.


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