Heart Irish Los Angeles Laker Shirt

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im Shankland this has nothing to do with Bin Laden, you nincompoop. This has to do with the fact that India is a Hindu majority country that suppresses their Heart Irish Los Angeles Laker Shirt Muslim people and/or wants them out of the country (while Pakistan does the same vice versa, not saying they arent bad either) but more importantly, war has been breaking out between them for centuries and for India to have the US backing them up (even though we’re not the greatest country in the world anymore) is going to cause another cataclysmic nuclear war where nobody wins and we all die.

Heart Irish Los Angeles Laker Shirt

Heart Irish Los Angeles Laker Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

Tank top



Go and see the suffering and poverty in India. Modi blew the GDP of Gujarat with this pompous fanfare while the Heart Irish Los Angeles Laker Shirt country has devastating unemployment and the economy is suffering. Dont call names please Why is Trump holding an election rally in India? Doesn’t he realise they won’t be voting in November. I know what ballistics resistant glass and laminate is, and why it’s there.

But they sure do seem to need a lot of it just about everywhere the Dreary Don goes to bore folks to death. What they really needed there Heart Irish Los Angeles Laker Shirt was crowd-resistant glass; y’know, to stop all those Indians clearly seen streaming out the exit tunnels as Trump droned on endlessly with what was basically just another campaign speech. And look at all that bullet-proof glass. What’s with that; I thought they luuuurved you there, Don. venues. Don’t be a dipshit. The President of India attended one of Trump rallies here in the states. President Trump is reciprocating the gesture. What the hell don’t you people have brains?


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