Heart Irish New York Yankees Shirt

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so glad you’ve spent your day watching 3 tv screens while children are caged in our country and some dying while your orange God runs around the Heart Irish New York Yankees Shirt world making deals for his resorts. Shouldn’t he be here and actually working or going to these hell holes where these children are caged?? Yea you just sit and keep watching your 3 tvs. Richard Winter And a lot of us get phone calls every day from this “great” country. We get to hear someone butcher the English language.  Mark DiLorenzo.The phase1 in China was just dealt and P2 cumming up, wow!, pretty ignorant of your part!!..you must be just another outdated Democrat Obama hateful leftist.

Heart Irish New York Yankees Shirt

Heart Irish New York Yankees Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

Tank top



Michael: No, Ro Walsh is a real account for a retired nurse living in New Jersey. Just because someone disagrees with you is no reason to lie about them. You’ll survive. .If everything you know Is fake?”..first of all, Trump is the first to have the guts to challenge the Chinese unfair trade practices, Heart Irish New York Yankees Shirt phase1 done, USMCA, is just kicking off .” the farmers are gonna have to get bigger tractors” Mexico is paying for the wall, Mexico re-enforced their borders, its saving Americans citizens tax money that the illegals would have abused on support fees!

Iranian and the NPT nuclear deal was never respected,.Trump is solving what Obama failed to do. sorry, I’m not a brainwashed vulnerable Democrap that believes everything on CNN so please study up before you make some uneducated statement you outdated Heart Irish New York Yankees Shirt Obama hateful leftist. Michael Hudson, I respect your comment, your ok Mike, but really, the Demoshits pollute my screen every day harassing Trump with stupid TDS remarks, brain dead negative HATE comments, and fake news, with no enthusiasm but how to insult the Trumps because he’s not a Democrat! ya, maybe they are driving me crazy!!…have a good one my friend.


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