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These kids are killing their own country more than anything. If they want to be heard they should act like grown-ups. Staking a claim on a word they themselves are violating is ridiculous. Stripping others of their rights not to support or resort to their level of ‘democracy’, concealing identities to cause havoc and pretending to be a bystander – That’s terrorism. Carrying other peoples flag – Traitor!. Unauthorized assembly is a criminal act so are the Joker Hello Darkness my old friends vintage shirt countless damages and disturbance protesters caused the public. Just because it was committed in the name of ‘democracy’ doesn’t make it right.

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However ‘peaceful’ a protest is – history shows that it always becomes an excuse for others to turn violent. And you want your Elders/Leaders who keep the peace and restrain themselves to go full-on Commandos to listen?! Do you even know what you are protesting about? Asking for a Bill to be withdrawn so that you can commit murder in Taiwan without being Tried!!! Hmmm.. maybe that’s why you are killing your own country. ‘Looks like you guys are trying to get ahead of all the Joker Hello Darkness my old friends vintage shirt other criminals by being their Masters. However much you try to hide behind the ‘victim’ act…know that some audience who are not as dumb as you wish they were would clearly see how convoluted your ‘Cause’ really is. Carry on then and congratulations… You got your few months of infamy.

See where it will lead to. I deeply feel for those HK residents who just want to be able to live, work and feed their families. Protesters have ruined their lives and snatched whatever bright future they could have had. Like everyone forgets the motive. Just from “give the Joker Hello Darkness my old friends vintage shirt convict back to China” now it is for the dependent country? Certain media has created a scare campaign by only saying that the bill will have people extradited to China, failing to mention the above, causing anxiety amongst the people of HK.


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