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Kate Ferris as far as I was aware, the ‘trolley’ is just the Kobe And Gigi Memorial Shirt bed, but not in a cubicled area? I’ve been on a trolley in a&e, which I was transferred into immediately after being dropped off by the ambulance and it’s no different to the actual beds. Although the neck brace I was in was highly uncomfortable! Kate Ferris sorry no.. That’s just not true.. hours no water, no meds.. more hours.. Eventually a bed is found in a ward then meds finally start.. A day wasted means more expense to NHS, longer recovery time and you have been sicker and weakened your system for longer.

Kobe And Gigi Memorial Shirt

Kobe And Gigi Memorial Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top


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Anyone post or during cancer treatment keeping having to go in for emergency care knows the drill. You get there in the Kobe And Gigi Memorial Shirt end.. It’s not efficient, it’s not pretty, it’s hardcore and upsetting as a patient and very very expensive way of being treated. More and more people in the population have chronic long term serious multiple illnesses.. They need the full range of a hospital. But things still get missed and go wrong. Kate Ferris You’ve obviously not been in A&E recently.

And the wait on the trolley is after an 8 hour wait for an ambulance! Then you see a doc & wait again. Have an elderly father & father-in-law. Kobe And Gigi Memorial Shirt Been to A&E too many times recently. Worst I have ever seen. Treatment eventually but so unfair on elderly people. Christina Lowe the average paramedic will non-convey (ie not take to ED) approximately 40% of their patients. Ambulance staff do not unnecessarily take people into the hospital. They just call us back and another paramedic crew has to take them to hospital. The paramedic is then open to legal action should the patients symptoms get worse they will blame the paramedic for not taking them to a hospital.


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