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He said from the beginning that if the EU refused to negotiate, no deal it would be. He was voted in as PM with everyone knowing this. Have you been asleep for the last two months And when everybody thinks that he was doing what they want him to do, his changed for wider support increases? Lee Morris, he wasn’t voted in as PM. Even Theresa May wasn’t voted in by the Math I’ll do I draw the line shirt majority, she had to form a government with the DUP to gain control, and to do that had to pay them off and agree with some of their backward policies.

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John, it forces a deal in a form that if it happens, the UK is forced to get one as soon as possible. I know, it’s hard to understand it seems. Richard Booth all he had to do is agree with Nigel, go it together and wait till the next election. Screw Oct Lee Morris but I thought he was busy negotiating a new deal? He surely must’ve meant with the EU or else who? So either the Math I’ll do I draw the line shirt EU is negotiating or Johnson is just forging ahead with no deal. You can’t have it both ways. Louise Smith, He was called out on that lie as other European leaders said he hadn’t been speaking to them

Just an idea but given that the people who want to overturn the Brexit result(or want to keep us tied as close as possible to the Eu)are now in power why don’t they just revoke article 50 or agree to a deal with the Eu and pass it. Leave campaign said it would be the Math I’ll do I draw the line shirt easiest deal ever. No mention of the Irish border that I recall. After all these years in EU institution/regulations, it was never going to be easy. Even a no-deal exit won’t be the end of it.


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