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This is the same dude that blamed Lebron for losing the Finals in 2015 when Kyrie and Love were injured and gave all the Mickey Mouse Stanley Cup Champions 2019 shirt credit to GSW. Now he stated in 2019 about Curry is not a true championship. He’s a walking contradiction. It’s common sense GSW wouldn’t be where they are if they played a healthy Cavs team in 2015 and it was proven in 2016. That’s why they got the snake… simple Shellion Griffiths all of the Fox analyst are walking contradictions. Just wait. Clinton Lee Taylor takes your meds. U talking mess about a man winning at life. U mad he’s not a loser like u.

Mickey Mouse Stanley Cup Champions 2019 shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies tee, and tank top

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If the Raptors lose then youll see everyone going off about why Kawhi isn’t as good as we everyone portrayed and while he’ll never win again. Its always the same BS with these idiots There is no rule or law that states only Lebron James can leave his team ringless to run like  from team to team to team, recruiting & joining the Mickey Mouse Stanley Cup Champions 2019 shirt competition for rings but no other player can switch teams once Shellion Griffiths Lebron cries to silver about suspending Draymond Clinton Lee Taylor Your replies are pointless. Less copy and paste and comment like a human being

Reynaldo B. Garrido, I can’t stand GSW but this all stands on Curry’s shoulders in this Finals because he’s been to 5 straight Finals and no Finals MVP. I know it bothers him because he’s the face of the franchise. They have the Mickey Mouse Stanley Cup Champions 2019 shirt experience and the chemistry they want this chip more especially Curry than anything. 2016 left a bitter taste in their mouth especially they lost in Oracle but they want to show the world the original Splash brothers could win without Durant. I say GSW in 6 Curry gets his first Finals MVP


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