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But that’s still difficult and dangerous, without recasting the bars to get rid of the stamp it will be obvious they were stolen. Not to mention many people have friends and family that they don’t want to abandon. Reminds me of the guy who figured out some scratcher lottery and kept writing the company letters about how their “randomized” Mushroom size Matters shirt was broken and how he could figure out which ones were winners and which ones weren’t.

Mushroom size Matters shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Mushroom size Matters ladies tee

Ladies tee

Mushroom size Matters youth tee

Youth tee

They kept ignoring him until he sent them a stack of unscratched scratchers where he wrote down which Mushroom size Matters shirt would be winners and which would be losers and got it like 97% correct. They called him up toot sweet after that. Honestly fuck that. Banks steal from people all the time and are always insured maybe it was different then.

Mushroom size Matters hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Mushroom size Matters sweater


Mushroom size Matters hoodie


But if I found out that I could very easily just make 100’s of millions without anyone knowing I would. He could have robbed it then just kept working there for a month or so then get fired and dip out with all the money no one would ever know who it was. He could have stockpiled some and left the Mushroom size Matters shirt.


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