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There are more deaths from vaccines than ever from a disease they are supposed to prevent. Numerous medical professionals have risked all to tell us of the fraud that is the vaccine industry, and many have met early and suspicious deaths. Prayers for your little girl, and thank you for sharing your story, hoping other parents don’t fall into the New Kids On The Block Vintage shirt same tragedy. Despite this being a rare disease, many many incidents of a child’s demise from vaccines keep occurring. this does need greater knowledge than we have. We can, however,

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send prayers and hold the space for the healing of this precious child and her loved ones. I can’t imagine the New Kids On The Block Vintage shirt pain and fear this family has gone through. Praying more people are brave enough to tell their stories, and that we all start demanding answers and change his specific disorder, SJS is caused by a gene variant that predisposes the individual to the bad reaction. Wiki says before treating an individual with certain medications that an individuals genetics could cause them to react to (generally in Asia, as apparently the gene variant is more common in Asian populations), the individual is tested for the gene variant. It’s tough with it being such a rare disorder, but there should be a warning on the vaccines before administering them.

Courtney Hemmelgarn problem is that it’s not made clear enough!!! My daughter now has life long coeliac celiac disease triggered by vaccinations because we were not told this could be a problem. If we were advised to get her gene tested for predisposed factors beforehand we would have done so without hesitation. But because reactions are considered ‘rare’ the New Kids On The Block Vintage shirt those minorities are just disregarded and victimized when they try and fight Brenda Hill Posey I’m so sorry this happened to your sweet boy. I know he’s older now but how is he?


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