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There has been time to debate the whole thing before they closed, as there is when they come back before the meeting. The call is that it’s wrong to close Parliament because there too much to get sorted and yet all are happy to fight on personal issues than the Norwegian Viking England Flag shirt country’s issues? And yet all opposition party’s want to do is wave paper around and sing songs ( ps a song is sung by a dictatorship and one of the harshest known) Ben Salt I voted remain and I agree with you, it is a shame that people like Gloria have to post abusive comments, not exactly helpful is it? Nor does it help or enable decent conversation or assist anyone to support what leavers want, whatever that is?

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Perhaps they need to realize that we, “all”, irrespective of which way we voted has to live with the decisions taken by those who “represent” us! Waiting for the Norwegian Viking England Flag shirt normal amount for abusive I get …….Lesley Smith abusive rhetoric is easier than reasoned debate, and it’s more important to be seen to support a cause than to actually work to benefit it. Gary Henderson would you go into an election where you have just two weeks to sort out a deal? A referendum would be the best way to resolve. Just two options. Deal or no deal.

Ben Salt I wish it was just “rhetoric” but some of it has been totally unnecessary. Certainly been told I should “move to Europe if I love it so much” when all I do is point out the Norwegian Viking England Flag shirt contradictions, half-truths, and lies. I know people don’t like finding out that they have been used but using threatening language and a form of online gas-lightening a person is a bit pointlessly. If you want to change a person’s mind then you just don’t do that! Everyone knew what remaining was and meant, as long as they didn’t listen to Farage, who had been caught with his hand in the till taking the money he wasn’t entitled too!


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