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The moron is one who blindly accepts things without question. A photo of the earth from the surface of the moon, using a fixed focal point, should not show the Official Wear orange shirt earth as the same perceived size as the moon looks from the earth when seen with your own eyes. If you think they should appear the same size, when one is much larger than the other, you’re blind. We’re talking about two spheres of different size being a fixed distance from each other! Now unless they had a camera that could zoom out, the earth should appear larger in the Apollo photo. This new photo exemplifies that discrepancy.

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Using the foreground for scale. Remember, the camera had a FIXED focal point. No zooming in or out. This new picture shows scale, regardless of zoom. If the Official Wear orange shirt earth looks so big compared to the moon from a million miles FURTHER out than the moon itself, I don’t care WHAT camera was used ON the moon, the earth should be perceptibly larger. How large should the Earth be in the Apollo photo? Larger than the Moon diameter? That would fill the entire sky. So, your objection to the Apollo photo is that the Earth is too small compared to the Moon?

Yes. I explained it a few comments previously using two balls of a greatly different size placed a known distance apart. If you were able to stand on each, looking back at the other, they would NOT appear the same size. Using the foreground in the Apollo pic as a reference to scale, the Official Wear orange shirt earth should appear larger. Even though the camera. You would have to zoom out, which would be noticeable in the foreground. Yes, I know that I was basing that on the shadows on the right side of the Earth and Moon, another question, why is the far side of the Moon darker in color then the near side, does it have to do with our perspective and atmosphere?

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