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He has skills why didn’t he find another construction company to contract to. Also, he has been made an example of by the Peace Love Lucky Frenchie Shirt  courts to try and stop others smashing things up. I hope he appeals it and I hope that they check his mental health and if he has depression etc then he gets whatever treatment he needs I’m surprised these left-wing idiots haven’t tried to pin the blame for

Peace Love Lucky Frenchie Shirt

Peace Love Lucky Frenchie Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and ladies tee

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Coronavirus on Donald Trump too! Bunch of frigging loons! And just take a look at the total bunch of Peace Love Lucky Frenchie Shirt running as Democratic leader!  Every single second after the UN’s creation they are still observing.Now tell me what they actually did for the actual humanity?In the UN other countries have to depend on big 5.And big 5 are making others as a slave of them.And they supported a lot of genocides. Gujarat riot was done for winning the elections whereas riots in Delhi are the revenge for the loss.politicians orchestrate the riots for their survival and people bear the brunt for the whole life.

Delhi riot was pre-planned/fabricated to happen when the US president was visiting and works media had its eyes on India. Would the government/Modi want anything like that to happen when he’s hosting another world leader Gujarat riot too was started by the radical Muslims by burning a train and burning Peace Love Lucky Frenchie Shirt  innocent passengers alive including children and old men, women?  Gujarat riots and Delhi riots both are pre-planned. Both happened under police watch and police gave full protection to rioters. Police BJP and RSS they all are responsible for all these deaths. There is enough evidence for this.


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