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There are company directors all over the country using other people’s money to fund their own lifestyle, and subcontractors are the first to get short-changed. It was an overreaction, but desperate people do occasionally. He Peace Love Stitch Shirt everything he gets!! Smashed up other people’s hard work and put others in real danger.

Peace Love Stitch Shirt

Peace Love Stitch Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and ladies tee

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If he had actually hurt or killed someone which he could easily have done would people support his actions then?? If you earn £600 a week and can’t put something away in savings for a Peace Love Stitch Shirt day then you need a new abacus! Clever boy Mark, You don’t know his circumstances, He could have had no work for months or been ill, paying child maintenance or many other things, Some people have to work week to week to keep a roof over their heads  Yes it sucks to not get paid, yes we’ve all be there. But destroying property is not the answer, neither is spending 6 years in jail.

Riechert have you watched the video? There were people all through the building! He was bloody lucky not to seriously hurt someone and put them out of work for months. Massively over the top! Those were other people’s hard-earned tools in there too that they earn their livelihoods from, they won’t be owned by the main contractor they’ll belong to the subies. Peace Love Stitch Shirt Jarvis trust me the contractors would have known this was going to go down and they would have pulled their tools out of there beforehand if you listen to the full video the commentator is enjoying it and tells the foreman he has lost the head and you don’t want to go


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