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I want to make a video of all the babies severely injured and killed in the last year or so…we see it constantly but I really want to put together a sort of slide show. I really think it could put things into perspective Cherish Pryor hopefully your babies don’t contract the measles pass it on to an immunodeficient child. That more likely to happen than them having this kind of extremely rare reaction to a vaccine I’m so tired of hearing “when will you try for the Pugasaurus Rex Pug Dog shirt girl?” I have two boys and they are awesome. They always make me feel pretty and very much loved!

Pugasaurus Rex Pug Dog shirt , hoodie, sweater, ladies tee and tank top

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I’ll do it. Not once in the article does she mention what she can do for her boys. The entire article is about what her boys can do for her and what she wishes they will do for her. She’s concerned only with how she is her sons’ “favorite girl” and whether or not they will take care of her. She even disregards the idea that her children will someday grow up and find someone else to prioritize because she doesn’t like the Pugasaurus Rex Pug Dog shirt of being less than. Based solely on this article I would guess this woman is single because all the things she wants her sons to do, quite frankly, are things a husband should do.

As a mom of four boys, I can’t tell you how many times people go on and on about how a daughter is your best friend for life and you end up fearing your sons will grow up and have families of their own and forget about their mother. I think this mom was probably comforted to hear that this elderly lady’s sons are still part of her life even as adults. I know the Pugasaurus Rex Pug Dog shirt woman who wrote this blog post and she is most definitely not a narcissist. She puts everybody before herself. She is one of the most high-quality people I know and a very avid volunteer in the community.


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